PHUN is a Jamband from Madison, WI that specializes in the music of the iconic Jamband Phish. For a decade, the band has brought the gospel according to Fishman to devoted phans all over.

Founded by guitarist Mike Scieszinski in 2009, this group attacks the Phish canon with the focus, energy and the respect it demands. 2019 makes it ten years of PHUN!

“There's a reason people keep coming out to these shows. This band has an energy. Maybe chemistry is a better word. What ever it is, it's clear that something is working and we just enjoy that immensely. Pour that fuel on the fire and melt some faces.”-Scieszinski.

Vacuums? Trampolines? Wooks? Crazy Lights?  Anything is possible at a PHUN gig.  Except for Petrichor.

The band does Parties, weddings, club gigs and festivals. Wanna create your dream setlist? We do that.  Some sit, some stand, some dance, and some sway; but everybody is entitled to a little PHUN! 

Let's go Phishin'!